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Broad hails ‘bowling addict’ Anderson ahead of final Test

Stuart Broad has lauded James Anderson as deeply passionate about bowling, describing him as someone who thrives on the intricacies and challenges of the craft. Anderson, set to retire after the upcoming series against the West Indies, holds records for both the most Test wickets (700) and appearances (187) among fast bowlers in England’s cricket history.

Broad, who partnered with Anderson in 138 Test matches before his own retirement, emphasized Anderson’s dedication to perfecting his bowling skills. In his tribute in the Sunday Times, Broad highlighted Anderson’s enjoyment of the technical aspects of bowling—whether it’s mastering different types of deliveries like away swing, inswing, or wobble seam, or the strategic decisions involved in each delivery.

According to Broad, Anderson’s longevity can be attributed not only to his rigorous training regimen and discipline but also to his genuine passion for the art of bowling. Broad used the term “addict” positively, portraying Anderson as someone deeply immersed in and committed to honing his craft.

Acknowledging Anderson’s renowned skill in conventional swing bowling, particularly in favorable English conditions, Broad also praised his proficiency in reverse swing—an aspect of his game that Broad feels has not always received the recognition it deserves. He compared Anderson favorably to other great bowlers, noting his effectiveness in diverse conditions, including the challenging subcontinent.

Broad concluded by highlighting Anderson’s adaptability and continuous improvement throughout his career, qualities that have kept him ahead of younger competitors vying for his position. As Anderson prepares for his final Test match at Lord’s, Broad firmly asserts that Anderson’s unparalleled love for bowling has defined his remarkable career and solidifies his legacy as England’s greatest-ever bowler.

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